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Global Growth is Our Goal

Complete Services

Through our multinational outreach programs, VoxPlus is rapidly expanding into global markets. Contact us for complete details.  

Through our aggressive training programs and vigilant emphasis on proper equipment and procedures, our crews operate under the utmost safety.

Covering the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions

Cell Site Buildout Services

VoxPlus offers a complete range of services in support of the nation-wide upgrade of Cellular/Wireless technologies. Our reliable, experienced crews furnish wireless telecommunications construction capabilities including

Crews work with complete rigging and tools at heights of up to 1000 feet and more on towers, rooftops, stacks, etc.

Future expansion to the Southeast, Midwest, and eventually nationwide is anticipated by 2014.  

4G site conversions

Trained, experienced crews

Fully certified climbers

We welcome our highly skilled military veteran team members

A Workforce of Excellence

With over fifty years of combined Tier 1 telecom industry experience and over 35 years of military background, VoxPlus recognizes the strong value and contributions of our veterans. The invaluable skills and focused discipline that served them in their military roles bring exceptional operating and strategic advantages to their work at VoxPlus, and we recognize and reward these capabilities. We are proud of the strong training and incentive programs we offer, and our compensation and job advancement policies promote low turnover and increased loyalty and reliability among our crews.      

State-of-the-Art Access

Full Site Monitoring

Our advanced MIS systems allow 24/7 voice, text, and still and video customer monitoring of ongoing activity at the site

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Safety is Priority One

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