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Global Telecom Capabilities with Customized Professional Service

The VoxPlus Advantage

VoxPlus offers an entire gamut of services to meet the needs of small and medium size businesses to Fortune 1000 companies and large Federal agencies. Powered by an advanced Class 5 Soft Switch, we can provide customized solutions for virtually any telecom or IT requirement.

Despite these substantial resources, the highly experienced management and support teams are dedicated to meeting or exceeding all your product and service expectations, and are available directly to respond to any issues that might develop.

This unique combination of capabilities and support make VoxPlus an outstanding telecom resource.

Top Tier, Cost-Effective


VoxPlus is highly qualified, experienced provider of high end IT and telecom products and services encompassing the latest, most innovative telecom technology designed for superior delivery at under an efficient pricing structure. We achieve this through constant equipment upgrades that maintain or improve service at increasingly cost-effective pricing.

A Major Global Network


The Team Behind VoxPlus


A Complete IT/Telecom Resource

True World-Wide Capabilities

Total Team Skills and Experience

A Highly Scalable SIP softswitch

with integrated billing.

Complete Client Services

for wholesale, retail, PBX, call shop, and IVR customers

Calling Call Platform

with IP IVR including pin or pin-less scenarios

Callback Solutions

support all types of triggering methods: SMS, missed-call, web Callback

VoxPlus Offers

Web Self-Care Portal

Full SMS Features

Complete Windows Communicator

Unified Messaging

The global VoxPlus network provides you with a true international presence. We are especially strong in the Puerto Rican, Caribbean, and South American markets, but our reach goes far beyond, with a vast network of 200 partners covering more than 180 countries, and direct connections and partnership agreements in place with major international carriers.

The VoxPlus management team is lead by long-term industry executives who bring with them the high level of skills and experience needed to support the goals of the company. Providing further support are numerous business and development contacts with a wide spectrum of technical and commercial expertise. Together, they drive the commitment of excellence for VoxPlus customers.

We are totally committed to providing our customers with an uncompromised telecom and IT package supported by an exceptionally skilled and experienced management team.

Multiple Tariff Plans

SIP Delivery

Instant Messaging

Call Recording