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World-Class World-Wide Service that’s Responsive and Driven

A Global Provider, A Local Partner

VoxPlus is a unique new international and domestic voice, data networking, broadband, multi-media and telecommunications service provider. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of fixed-line, and value added data networking, voice, IT solutions to large multi-national corporations, government agencies, and small to medium size business enterprises. Our vast global network of 200 partners covers more than 180 countries with direct connections and partnership agreements in place with several international carriers, and we offer a variety of reliable, wholesale carrier services, high quality data, telecom, IT, and broadband services via our vast international and domestic network.

Powerful Class 5 Switch Technology

Fully Licensed for Global Services

Exceptional Management Team

An experienced, reliable resource

Cell Site Buildout

VoxPlus offers a complete range of professional cell site construction, installation, maintenance, and network and integration services

SLA’s Over Entire Range of Products


VoxPlus, a leading edge telecom firm, is powered by an advanced Class 5 VoIP Switch, a highly versatile, flexible state-of-the-art technology that supports all the requirements of internet telephony. It can currently process 50 million minutes of phone and data transmissions per month, and will be increased to 200 million within a year.

VoxPlus targets Fortune 1000 firms, government agencies, and other clients who demand superior, reliable telcom and data transport at outstanding pricing and high level service with SLA’s.

We presently have teaming arrangements with a number of 8(a) and HubZone-certified firms and veteran-owned and Tier 1 telecoms. VoxPlus provides support for both domestic and global traffic as well as outstanding call centers and help desks in English and Spanish.

Contact us for a completely confidential, no obligation discussion of all your telecom and IT needs, and we will be more than happy to show you how effectively VoxPlus can provide the means to meet or exceed your requirements. Contact us today!


Fortune 1000 Firms

Federal, State, Local Agencies

Supplier Diversity Clients

U.S. Military Branches

Rural, Under-served Markets

Global Wholesale Services

Worldwide IT/Network Services

Markets Served



VoxPlus is pleased to announce that in addition to performing cell site upgrades, tower construction, testing and analysis, and maintenance services, we now offer a full range of top quality, proven Telecom and IT equipment and technology from leading global suppliers!

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